Washer / Dryer Repair

Both washing machines and dryers are appliances that are prone to break down. Washing machines more so because they are attached to a water inlet and power supply, water and electricity don’t mix and it’s dangerous to mess with. Both of these appliances, however, when working makes the world of difference to the efficiency of your household.

If these appliances break down or become faulty, we can understand that you might become frustrated. If you leave it unattended to you’ll have a mountain of laundry on its way. It’s important for that reason, to call Jeremy’s Appliance Repair as soon as your washer or dryer become at fault. We have a team of experts ready to assist you with your repair needs and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to have your appliance working like new before the end of the day.

No matter the brand or model, we’ll have someone who’s able to come and fix it. Our qualified experts are always on standby to assist you and provide the best service.

Why did my appliance break down?

Although the possibilities as to why your washer or dryer may have broken down are large. One issue can quickly become more than one until your appliance becomes unusable altogether. But troubleshooting and fixing this before that becomes a problem is no feat for a professional, like the experts we have at Jeremy’s Appliance Repair.

We strongly recommend any attempts at DIY, and for that reason, we advise that you call us today. You’ll be connected to one of our experts straight away who can provide you the information and steps you need to fix the issue. Don’t do DIY, hire a professional. We’ll have your appliance running like new, in no time at all.

The common issues and troubleshooting them

Loud noise from washer/dryer

Although both appliances make some noise, you’ll know when there’s an issue. Should you hear cracking, whining or a whirring sound that you’re not used to it could have a fault. These issues can be anything from the machine simply not being level, the shock absorbers, pumps, motor or even the best. Save yourself the frustration of building a laundry mountain and get this repaired by a pro today.

Washing machine leaking

Leaking appliances are a nightmare. They cause damage to themselves and the walls and floors around them. Ensure that your appliance is level and make sure that the hose is not damaged. If it is you’ll need a replacement, of which our professionals are able to provide.

The appliance won’t turn on at all

Check the plug fuse, ensure that your breaker hasn’t tripped and made sure that there is the power to your outlet. This will save you time and money. If you’ve already done all of this, one of our experts can help out. Call Jeremy’s Appliance Repair today.

My dryer isn’t heating up

A dryer has to produce heat to dry your clothes. If it’s not doing either of these things, it could be down to the airflow. Check the filter, usually at the back of the appliance and ensure it’s not blocked by lint or other dust materials. This can be cleaned using a vacuum with relative ease.

Should I consider a replacement?

13 years. That’s the average lifespan of a dryer. 11 years. That’s the average lifespan of a washing machine.
Both of these numbers mean nothing however if you aren’t caring and giving regular maintenance for your machine. If we’re troubleshooting an issue and find that it’s cheaper to replace the appliance, we’ll tell you straight away. You can trust that you’re in safe hands and we’ll always provide honest advice.

No matter the model or brand of your appliance. Jeremy’s Appliance Repair is on standby to assist and fix your issue with ease. Being the best, budget-friendly and certified repairs business in Bremerton. Call today.