Oven Repair

Cooking and baking is the main reason for a kitchen, and what is a kitchen without an Oven? Without your oven, you can’t do either of these things and this means we should not take the appliance for granted. Ensuring we look after it so that it lasts as long as possible.

Although even when cared for correctly, all appliances can break down, even the trusty and reliable oven. And when they do break down it can cause lots of frustration and disrupt your schedule. But we can help ensure that frustration and disruption are kept to a minimal. At Jeremy’s Repair, we’re on standby to fix all your appliances should they need repairs on the same day that they break!

Our team of professionals has experience in repairs for all brands and models, so you don’t have to worry if you have a more antique model. You are in safe hands. We are certified and guarantee satisfaction when the job is done.

The telltale signs that your oven needs repair

Although there are many things that could fault with your oven/stove, we’ve listed some of the most common that we are able to repair quickly and efficiently.

Temperature is incorrect

When you select a temperature to cook your food, your oven should, if functioning correctly, maintain a stable temperature. If your thermometer shows that the internal temperature of your oven is higher than that, you should consult your appliance manual and recalibrate the controls for temperature as necessary.

If this doesn’t sort your issues, one of Jeremy’s Repair Engineers will be able to help.

The oven won’t turn on

The first thing to check if your oven is not turning on is the power, ensure that the outlet has power by plugging in another appliance, check the breaker in case of a trip and check the fuse in the plug. Other causes could be down to a damaged wire, broken controls, the elements within the oven being defective or insufficient power.

If your oven is a gas oven, this could be the igniting agent within the oven, one of the valves or the controls for gas being faulty.

DIY repairs on an oven are advised against. It’s best to call a Repair Company and get this sorted by a professional. You can be at risk of many things if attempting repairs, yourself.

The light inside of the oven isn’t turning on

Initially, it’s best to replace the bulb within the oven. However, sometimes this might not sort the issue. If it doesn’t it could be the internal wiring, controls for the electric, a defective switch or another deeper issue that one of our professionals would be able to diagnose and fix quickly and efficiently.

The oven door does not close or open

More times than not, if you’re having door problems it’ll be the hinge. One of our professionals would need to disassemble the door and possibly a side panel. We’d advise that this is done by certified professionals as you could void your warranty through DIY.

The self-cleaning mechanism isn’t working

Because the door must be closed to ensure self-cleaning works as it should, it could be the switch on the door isn’t working. This could also be caused by your thermostat, fuse, control board or the internal wiring having problems. This is almost always best left to a professional to come in, examine and resolve the issue.


Rust is a problem that affects most appliances, but ovens are subject to this the most due to moisture when cooking. Although often expensive to repair, our team can find the cheapest viable option, which may be to replace the oven.


When you experience issues with your oven or appliances, don’t worry, we’re on hand to help, just give us a call.

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