Ice Maker Repair

Ice makers make life so much better in the hot summer months. The last thing you want is to not have any ice for your drink. So, when your ice maker starts having issues, or breaks down, give Jeremy’s Appliance Repair a call, we service Bremerton and the surrounding area.

Here at Jeremy’s, we’re able to guarantee satisfaction by ensuring every one of our team members is trained, certified and happy to help you while keeping our rates low. Our crack team of techies can service all models of ice maker, regardless of brand. Some of these include portable ice makers, built-in ice makers and more.

Ice Maker – The common problems

There are a few common problems with Ice Makers that we see often, if you’re experiencing any of these, make sure to call Jeremy’s Appliance Repair so that we can get it sorted quickly.

Temperature too warm

This is a common issue that is often caused by simply leaving the ice maker open. On average, the temperature of your ice maker should be below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Purchase a thermometer if you don’t already have one and measure the temperature, if it’s above 10 degrees Fahrenheit, it won’t produce ice, you can adjust the temperature usually with a dial or switch.

Wait for a short while and see if ice starts being produced again as it should. If it still doesn’t seem to be working, call Jeremy’s and we’ll get an engineer out to your house to fix it.

The ice maker tray is empty

Although this can be several things, it’s often that water isn’t able to reach the ice maker. This can be due to the water pressure being low or possibly the inlet valve for water is faulty.

If it turns out to be the valve that is faulty, it’s often due to mineral buildup which blocks the valve itself. However, it could also be an electricity failure. Our specialist team will be able to troubleshoot and find the root of the problem quickly.

No ice is being ejected from the Ice Maker

If the Ice Maker is not producing ice from the ejector as it should, it’s usually the ejector assembly that requires a repair. Either that or the motor could have an issue, often this requires a replacement to be fitted. Usually by an expert.

Luckily, as most ice makers are similar, regardless of the brand. We’re able to source assembly parts very easily to replace and get your machine back up and running before the day is over.

There is leakage from the ice maker

Leaking appliances are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. It can ruin more than just the appliance and cause much-unneeded stress. Ensure first that your ice maker is level on the ground because if it isn’t, even the slightest tilt can cause issues. If this doesn’t sort it, check the supply line and ensure it’s free to feed water without damage.

If your ice maker has a fill cup, ensure that it’s right below the funnel, as it should be. If you’ve done all of this but still it does not work, then you’ll need a professional to come and sort this as fast as possible before further damage is done. Call Jeremy’s Appliance Repair today so that we can stop the leak before the day is done.

While there are many issues that could cause your appliance to stop working, these are just a few. It can also include a broken thermostat or the icemaker’s switch is broken.

Give Jeremy’s Appliance Repair A Call in Bremerton, WA

We’re the most reliable and budget-friendly repair company in Bremerton. You won’t find better service anywhere else for your Appliance Repair needs. We’ll make your time as stress-free as possible and get your ice maker/appliance back up and working, regardless of your brand or model.

Our teams work all hours to ensure that your appliance is working as it should, and to prevent your frustration. We understand how annoying an appliance breakdown can be and it’s important to us that your household does not suffer from this. Call us before the fault escalates, our team are always happy to help.