Freezer Repair

A freezer is arguably the most important appliance in the kitchen. It keeps our food fresher, for longer and when it breaks down, it can be the most frustrating experience leaving you wanting to purchase a new one straight away. But wait! There’s another way that is cheaper and will have your freezer back up and running before the day is through.

Jeremy’s Appliance Repair is one of the most reputable Repair Companies in the Bremerton area. We offer a budget-friendly and honest service so that you don’t need to waste money on a replacement. Instead we’ll repair your appliance and extend its life by several years. Our team is certified and highly trained to deal with all issues, regardless of brand or model.

Signs You Need Freezer Repair

The freezer is too cold

Believe it or not, a freezer can become too cold, and you’ll notice when it does. If your freezer is seeing a build up of ice and frost. This is often due to a defrost heater issue.

The expert technicians at Jeremy’s Appliance Repair can investigate, repair and maintain your freezer to ensure that it’s running as good as new as fast as possible. Don’t allow your freezer to be too cold for too long as it can lead to further issues with the evaporator motor and the damper assembly.

The freezer isn’t cold enough

Your freezer not being cold enough it can lead to many further issues that can break your appliance permanently. It’s recommended that the temperature of your freezer remains at around 0 degrees F. If it’s any warmer than this, you’ll notice your food won’t last long and bacteria will infest your food, this puts you and those around you at risk of disease.

Ensure that your temperature settings are correct, consult your manager as sometimes the gauge for temperature can move. If you do not have a thermometer in your freezer, it’s imperative that you do.

If the issue persists after you’ve ensured everything is as it should be. Contact Jeremy’s Appliance Repair today.

There’s frost inside your freezer There is frost buildup in your freezer

If there is some frost in your freezer, it’s often normal. But if you notice this buildup is becoming a problem, there could be a deep issue with your device. Sometimes this can happen due to the drain tube being frozen or the door on the freezer not being close properly.

If your freezer is subjected to warmer air, frost will inevitably build up. Contact us today so that we can sort this.

The appliance won’t turn on

The first thing to do if your appliance won’t turn on is ensuring that the outlet is getting power, check your break and ensure it hasn’t tripped and also check the fuse in the plug.

If you see a problem with power in the outlet, call an electrician to fix that. But if all appears okay and the fault persists, the problem is likely to be with the components inside of the freezer. It could be a few things, from the control board, compressor or thermostat.

Give Jeremy’s Appliance Repair a call today. We’ll be able to fix this issue for you quickly.

Give Jeremy’s Appliance Repair of Bremerton, WA a Call Today

Every appliance is subject to malfunction at some point in its life, but sometimes it can break down completely. If this does happen, give Jeremy’s a call and we’ll be able to get your appliance repaired by experts as soon as possible.

With a satisfaction guarantee and a budget-friendly price, we’ll have your appliance back up and running. As good as new.