Brands We Repair

Jeremy’s Appliance Repair of Bremerton, WA is your choice for high quality, professional and budget-friendly repairs for your home appliance. We service all the largest brands and can handle the repair or offer maintenance, no matter the challenge. Some of the brands we service are:


This one is a brand you’ll have heard of. Specializing in kitchen appliances, Frigidaire can offer innovative and beautifully designed appliances for the laundry or kitchen. All of this at a reasonable price, too. If you happen to have an issue with your reliable Frigidaire, Jeremy’s Appliance Repair can help.


GE is a household name these days, being one of the most well know and reliable appliance brands out there. After being in business for over 60 years, GE offers excellent solutions for your kitchen or laundry.

The simplicity in the design makes GE appliances easier to maintain and repair when compared to other brands. Our experts are on hand with high-level skills and lots of experience with GE appliances and repairing them.


LG is one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. They build appliances and products to make your life easier. With a wide range of appliances that are sleek, budget-friendly and innovative, LG is always able to impress.

Jeremy’s Appliance Repair has experts ready to assist with any LG appliance issues or maintenance.


The UK super-brand Bosch makes exceptional kitchen appliances for your home. Their other appliances are also impressive, innovative and perfect for any home. But Bosch doesn’t only succeed in having some of the best products on the market, they also provide possibly the best customer service in the industry.


Amana, who is an environmentally focused company that include lots of innovation into the production of their products. They also offer some of the best budget appliances for your home on the market.

Although excellent value, even Amana appliances can break down sometimes. At Jeremy’s Appliance Repair, we offer the very best maintenance and repair, done by recognized experts in the industry.


Everyone knows Samsung. And the chances are that everyone has a Samsung device somewhere in their home, one way or another. This highly-trusted brand produces some of the best home appliances available. Their lineup of refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens are one of the largest out there.

Remaining with the choice to mix simplicity with modern design, Samsung products are easily repaired. If you have issues with your product, give Jeremy’s a call.


Viking products are excellent and some of the highest quality kitchen appliances out there. With sleek design ideas and innovative features, Viking products are often seen in restaurants and other industry-standard places.

They deliver the best quality appliances out there, but even these can break down. Don’t fret, Jeremy’s Appliance Repair can assist in repair and maintenance.


A child company of the giant “Whirlpool”, Maytag is a reliable brand with an excellent customer service experience. Most homes in or around Bremerton will have a Maytag appliance somewhere.

Maytag is so certain in the reliability of its products that all of its appliances offer a 10-year warranty. While being reliable, they are also affordable and among the best budget-friendly appliance manufacturers out there.

At Jeremy’s Appliance Repair, we can offer expert maintenance and repair services for any Maytag appliance you might have.

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